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RAINUS signs MOU with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (TGCS)

RAINUS signs MOU with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (TGCS)

The expansion of the partnership with TGCS headquarters will see RAINUS supply IoT solutions, including ESLs, to all markets.

Carrefour store installed by TGCS

RAINUS recently signed an MOU with TGCS (Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions) to become supplier of ICT and IoT solutions, including ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) products.

RAINUS previously partnered with TGCS EUROPE and has been able to extend the partnership to TGCS headquarters (USA), confirming RAINUS’ position as one of the main players in the market. TGCS is installing and operating more than 3.5 million POSs worldwide and also supplies more than 1 million POS systems. With the MOU, RAINUS has the opportunity to introduce its products and solutions to TGCS customers, which account for 16%of the global distribution market.

TGCS has been selling and supplying products and solutions of various ESL companies. Based on the accumulated experience of selling products and solutions from numerous ESL companies for many years, TGCS chose RAINUS as supplier. “RAINUS’ technology was a significant determinant In the process of selecting a supplier. The stability of the system even in crowded networks as well as simple server settings, easy maintenance and customization ability to meet customer needs all pointed us to that result and conclusion” an official of the company said.

In addition, RAINUS’ Infortab solution will also be integrated into Toshiba’s ELERA Integrated Commerce Platform. This way, TGCS’ customers will be able to easily expand their ESL system without worrying about system compatibility, and the platform will allow them to use Electronic Shelf Labels to minimize infrastructure costs.

Both companies’ R&D teams have begun development to carry out system integration, and the service release date is expected to be announced this quarter.

“The global partnership with TGCS is proof that RAINUS technology is up to multinationals’ standards. Our efforts of technology innovation have paid off.” RAINUS CEO Kim Hyun-hak said. “I remember all the hard times we faced when we three people established a small venture company. It sure was tough, but with this achievement, I feel like it was worth it. I do not forget our roots, and will continue to push to grow as a global ICT · IoT company” he continued.

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