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Introducing Double-Sided Tags

Introducing Double-Sided Tags

RAINUS is proud to introduce the ESLs Double-Sided tags, specially designed for fresh produce corners. 

RAINUS never stops looking for ways to make Electronic Shelf Labels more valuable for retail business.

The hottest grocery store display segment in food merchandising is the fresh produce corner. Displayed on double-sided racks and partitioned bins, it provides an eye-catching way of showing products to attract passing shoppers with its natural and fresh good looks.

InforTab R11D Double-Sided tags are perfectly designed to fit specific retailers’ requirements. The 11-inch display can show different as well as the same information on each side.

A large-sized full graphic E-ink display answers the retailers’ specific needs by showing mandatory information and POP advertising contents. It will engage the customers in a unique retail experience and push them to purchase products even more. Using Double-Sided tags as POP displays highlight products and increase sales with minimal investment.

InforTab R11D is an advanced way to engage customers while optimizing business operations. Retailers can offer in-store promotional pricing that matches online channels and reduce waste through seamless promotional pricing changes for perishable goods.

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